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Ralph Fiennes photographed by Matthew Brookes for M magazine, March 2014.

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We’ve mined all Earth’s fissile materials for this bomb. There’s not going to be another payload.

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Robert Fischer Appreciation Post (b. Sept 17, 1973)

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August 23: New photo of Selena, William H. Macy & Billy Crudup posing for a portrait at 2014 Sundance Film Festival


The Stones

Piece 2/3 that I made for the fifthelementbook! It’s 156 pages of awesome, and I’m really excited to have been a part of it.

You can preorder a print copy your own here, or a digital copy here


Mirror Mirror on the Wall | Cillian Murphy | So It Goes | Behind the Scenes Extras


In which an adult male sporting a grey-speckled ginger beard manages to look like an adorable preschooler. :D  (Cillian Murphy in Perrier’s Bounty)